Dog Bathing And Grooming: The Right Way

Dog bathing and grooming are two of the most tedious and complicated jobs for a dog owner and there are no two ways about it. Unlike movies wherein it is shown as a cheerful and joyous experience, it actually demands a lot of perseverance in real life.

Dog Bathing And Grooming: The Right Way

Dog bathing and grooming are two of the most tedious and complicated jobs for a dog owner and there are no two ways about it. Unlike movies wherein it is shown as a cheerful and joyous experience, it actually demands a lot of perseverance in real life. Your household pal loves being dirty, which is why he does not seem to be crazy to go all-in for a bath.

Most of the dogs will leave no stone unturned to skip the bathing time and you are expected to end up wrestling your dog to make him do the needful.

Why bathing is necessary for your dog?

Bathing plays a key role in the well-being of your pet dog and at the same time, it also protects your family members from the germs which it might carry with himself. It removes dirt and parasites from his body and also eliminates foul smells. Washing your pet canine at regular intervals keeps him clean and healthy and also heals his infected skin. Further, the bond between you and your loyal friend improves substantially by this process as it involves a lot of positive interactions between both of you.

Where to wash your dog?

Small dog breeds such as Chihuahuas can fit easily in a sink or laundry tub, while the larger breeds can be washed in a tub. Your bathroom is also a safe place to clean him up wherein you can have a shower and a detachable nozzle at your disposal. You might also fancy taking him out to your garden or backyard to carry out the cleansing process. Some grooming or pet supply stores rent out dog tubs and that could be resorted to as well.

Read to know about the pros and cons of bathing in these three different locations

How to bathe a dog?

The entire procedure of bathing your dog can be summed as follows:

Lure Him In

When you are starting from scratch, initiate a positive association with him at first. Bring him to a tub or a washing area and let him play with a few toys to make him feel comfortable. Once he seems to be out of his shell, introduce him to water by pouring small quantities of it over him. Offer treats every time he behaves properly and sooner rather than later, he will fall in place.

Brush your dog

Brushing your dog properly before a bath is an essential step. Go slow while you do that as it might irritate your dog if you rush yourself. Put a cotton ball in his ears to avoid causing hearing problems to him. You can use a dog brush, comb, and a scrubber to clean him thoroughly.

Use lukewarm water

It is advisable to bathe your dog with lukewarm water, although it is recommended that you use cooler water if you have a pet dog from a large breed. While hot water can burn dogs easily, the cold water could potentially cause illness to most of the breeds.

 Keep talking

Talking to your dog and reassuring him that no harm is being done to him removes his fear substantially. Keep pampering him and talking to him to gain his confidence so that he is refrained from getting agitated. In short, you will be drenched with water and foams too!

Put dog shampoo or soap

Always use dog shampoo or dog soap on your pet as shampoos made for human beings dry their skin. You should talk to your veterinarian to know which shampoo or soap fits your dog the most. Use a substantial amount of the shampoo, massage it cautiously all over his body and claws and let it sit for a few minutes. While you are using shampoo or soap, make sure you remain careful about not letting it get inside his eyes.

Wash well

Suds from a bar of soap or shampoo must not be left on your dog as it can irritate your dog’s skin once he is dry. Be extra attentive if your pup has a long coat. Rinse him thoroughly and repeat the process until it is washed off completely from his body.

Dry & comb him

To keep your dog healthy and comfortable, it is essential to dry his wet body with a dog towel. Added emphasis must be given to dry dogs with heavier coats as damp spots in their undercoat could cause skin disorders. Making him sit under the sun for a brief period after being washed could also be done to ensure that he dries up well. Comb his coat and then, you will be left with a clean and fresh puppy that will be wagging his tail and looking affectionately as ever at you.

How often do you need to bathe your dog?

How regularly your dog requires bathing depends upon a lot of factors such as the environment in which he lives, the breed he belongs to, and how much he is out there in the dirt. Your veterinarian can give you the perfect advice about it. Giving your dog a bath can be done once in a month in most of the cases. While dogs with water-repellent coats or short coats do best with fewer baths, the ones with oily coats may require washing once in a week.


What are the necessities of dog grooming?

Similar to humans, dogs need grooming to not only look decent and appealing but to also be at the peak of their health. Grooming removes dead hair from their coat and improves their blood circulation. Further in this process, their teeth are brushed, ears are cleaned, nails are trimmed and it enables you to draw your attention towards any lumps and flees on his skin. A high level of interaction is involved and therefore, it is advisable to follow safety precautions to avoid scratches or bites.


How dog groomers can help you?

If you are acquainted with the methods of grooming your dog and also have the necessary types of equipment to carry it out, you can do it on your own. Else, dog groomers are readily available to take care of this department. They are experts in not only grooming but also in catering to a pet dog’s bathing facilities. A groomer also obliges to any special requests from the pet owner’s end and informs him about any health problems encountered while grooming a dog.

Professional groomers have a wide array of skills and competencies. It includes impressive interaction skills with pets and owners and immense physical and mental stamina. They possess the bulk of knowledge with respect to a dog’s behaviors which help them in dealing with the canines or any other pets. Having strong analytical skills is another strong suit in their arsenal which shields them from various risks.

While some groomers work independently, there are grooming salons as well to cater to your demands. In most cases, the grooming of a pet dog can be finished in a few hours. The amount of grooming charges of a dog varies according to the breed of the dog, special requirements asked for, type of cut they need, or the total amount of time which is needed to complete the activity. It is worth noting that groomers or salons require the pet owner to provide proof of vaccinations before accepting an appointment.

Education, training, and certification

Groomers can learn while being on a job in a pet salon as an apprentice or grooming assistant to get first-hand knowledge about grooming a pet. Most of the states in the United States of America have several grooming school options and the duration of this course varies from a few weeks to a few months. Besides, clearing a certificate course conducted by the National Dog Groomer’s Association of America is also an option. The examination involves testing the theoretical and practical knowledge of a student and on passing the examination, a certificate is handed over to them.

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